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Training is expensive for employers and takes key staff members away from their work role making the whole process doubly expensive. Employees like training it empowers them and updates their skill sets..

How might we define Training?
  • In the workplace training could be described as teaching a set of skills or knowledge that enhance the ability of the individual or team to perform with greater proficiency in their particular field of endeavour.
  • Training can be used to update skills, this is especially important with Database technologies which constantly evolve, new features and enhancements may bring significant benefits which may be missed due to a lack of training.
  • Training can empower your employees, bringing professional development can raise morale by showing investment in people.
How we can help
  • Training doesn't have to be full day classroom based, in fact having key employees out of the business can be disruptive and in some cases counter productive, your "standard fare" training course may not directly relate to your specific needs or waste time on areas of no interest.
  • We can come on site with training specific to your requirements, for example a couple of hours after normal working hours dealing with a specific subject area?
  • It's not just the DBA who needs database skills, anyone who develops or writes reports for instance may benefit by specific or general skills, could be you are new to SQL Server and need to familiarise yourself with the features.
  • If you are moving to PAAS with either Azure or AWS the costing models can make inefficient SQL a costly affair, if you are paying by the iop,cpu cycle or memory used then you don't want a report which breaks your costing model.
  • With cloud based PAAS performance tuning saves you money so make sure your team know the pitfalls of inefficient coding.

  • That's all well and good but we can also help with the Server Hardware and architecture, understanding the core elements of Servers can help your application performance. Learn how storage, networks and servers impact your database server, do you know what to monitor and more importantly how to monitor.
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The Microsoft Virtual Academy is a great place to visit to obtain an insight into SQL Server, both for on-premise and in the cloud.

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