Kelem Consulting Limited

Our Services and what we do

First off we know that supporting databases will likely involve times outside of normal office hours. We work the times the systems require to help minimise any interruptions so our working hours can be any within the day or any day of the year.

We have many years experience of supporting global systems so we have a good understanding of flexible working hours. We also know that the database is only ever part of the system, we like to think we can look at entire systems when we provide support, so from platform and hardware through storage, networking, load balancers, web and application tiers for example.

Our primary area is of course the database where our skills include performance tuning and optimisation, high availability, backups, migrations, SQL upgrades, servers and storage.

Upgrades, Migrations and Consolidations.

There's no easy way around this, this is an area where if you get it wrong the consequences could be be costly both financially and to your reputation.
There is no one size fits all solution here, Kelem Consulting has substantial experience of upgrading SQL Server databases and instances.
We've upgraded fail over clusters, we've migrated to Availability Groups, we've consolidated multiple instances, we've upgraded from x32 to x64 and we've upgraded windows server.
It all takes detailed and careful planning and a lot of testing.
There are serious substantial advantages to lifting legacy SQL Server instances to SQL 2014 and beyond, coupled with modern servers there can be substatial performance gains as well as improved ROI. We've worked with on premise data centres and hosted data centres ( private cloud ) We've also experience of shared infrastruture and virtualisation.

Trouble Shooting and Performance Tuning.

Problematic systems can disrupt your business and may lead to financial loss along with damage to your repution.
User complaints are often the first indication of problems and as we always say " Don't let the users tell you your system is down ", if this is you then we can help with bespoke monitoring designed to allow your administrators became pro-active rather than re-active.
Typical server issues include high cpu, high disk use, locking, blocking, lack of memory,networking bottlenecks and system outages.
Experience teaches us that perceived issues with SQL Server often manifest themselves as "other issues" in the enterprise.

Configuration and Health Checks.

There's often big differences between real world and textbook and we recognise that applying generalisations can actually cause problems. We can make sure you're getting the best out of both your database and server.
Areas covered include maintenance and consistancy checks, patch levels, settings, backups, fragmentation, resource usage and capacity. We'll check windows and the underlying server as well as SQL Server.

Availability and Recovery.

Availability Includes backups and disaster recovery. SQL Server has many options, failover clustering, distributed clustering ( availability groups - formerly mirroring ), log shipping;
some or all of these may include Azure ( cloud PAAS or IAAS ); geographically distributed databases, replication

General advice, Remote Support, on call and emergency callout.

We are available for general advice, Remote Support, Remote Working, on Call, Emergency Callout, Disaster Response such as giving assistance to your staff members when problems arise.

we hope this gives a feel for what we can provide