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The volume of resource available for SQL Server, Windows, Databases, Infrastructure and Architecture is immense, however we would say that there is also a vast amount of miss-information especially around SQL Server.
It's not unreasonable to view every installation of SQL Server to be unique when viewed with the connected applications, the data and the usage demands.
There is not one fits all solution so what might work for one may be counter productive on another, as a mentor said many times " It just depends ".

  • SQL Server Builds
    It is critical to keep track of patches and builds for SQL Server to ensure your server build is optimal.

  • SNIA
    The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is a non-profit organization made up of member companies spanning information technology.

  • Paul Randal Blog
    Paul Randal is the CEO of, which he runs with his wife Kimberly L. Tripp. Both Paul and Kimberly are very widely known and respected experts in the SQL Server world, and both are long-time SQL Server MVPs.

  • Infortrend Technology
    Infortrend provide high performance, flexible storage solutions, Kelem Consulting worked with Infortrend on a storage project.

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