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SQL Server Consultancy based in Thames Valley

DBA Services

Databases underpin almost every aspect of business and information technology

Databases are company assets, this covers the information stored which in most cases is business critical and the investment in the technology whether it be physical, virtual, cloud or hybrid.

Kelem Consulting Limited has the experience to assist with all your database requirements including design and implementation, administration, maintenance, performance tuning and optimisation, monitoring and alerting, backups and disaster recovery, security and reporting.

Kelem Consulting Limited has experience of Server hardware and storage solutions for SQL Server including high availability solutions.

A database does not stand in isolation within an enterprise, Kelem Consulting Limited recognise that factors external to the database are just as critical to the overall performance of the solution.

Kelem Consulting limited have experience of entire systems including 24 x 7 global solutions.

Kelem Consulting limited also recognise that many organisations have development and test systems which require a high level of support, we have extensive experience of building and support of development, test and UAT databases including virtual environments.

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